Control Components ( CC )

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MB Files
Catalog Control Components (CC) 26/216 DE4, EN4, FR4, I1, ES1, HU1, NL1, PL1 6.0
Catalog Energy Counter (CC) 26/232 DE3, EN3, FR3, IT3 3.4  

System Informations (SI's)

MB Files
SI Energy Meter Measurement Instrument Directive (MID) 26/452 D2, E2, F2, I2, CS1, PL1 0.4

Good to know

MB Files
The product range of the counters Cxx distributed by Saia-Burgess Controls will be discontinued by the end of 2011. The products will still be available, but no longer from Saia-Burgess Controls but from the company Kübler.
Reference list with the corresponence of the Saia product code with the one from Kübler 0.1


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